Forensic Service

We offer professional solutions for forensic issues dealing with crime & fraud, personal litigation, business valuations and commercial litigations. We understand it is difficult for a solicitor to know in advance the details of your financial circumstances or if a forensic accounting report will be of great help for your particular case.

From a practical point of view, the utmost benefit can be obtained from using a forensic accountancy service and be appointed as early as possible in the proceedings.

Ideally, we should be approached as soon as the likelihood arises that some form of financial investigation may be required. This is because it gives us an opportunity to assess how and whether we can help, how we might help, and what information we would need in order to provide that assistance you are seeking.

Our forensic accounting report is inevitably a report which sets out the results of the work we have been instructed to carry out together with our findings and, where required, our recommendations. But we at ‘Flannagans’ will help you create clear and tailored forensic accounting report so that it will prove to be a backbone to support your case.


Our simple approach is to

  •  Establish your required instructions
  •  Review the information available to us and obtain further if required
  •  Clear and concise report on our findings

We have our expertise in following areas

  • Crime and fraud
  • Commercial litigation
  • Personal litigation
  • Business valuations

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