Sector Specialities

Today’s businesses are exposed to a lot of challenges and we commit to help businesses like yours to face those challenges. Our broad client base and range of businesses from start-ups to sizeable private companies help them to manage their business challenges. We have specialist accounting services knowledge and expertise in producing accounts, payrolls, Taxation, Forensic accounting reporting and Business support to certain industries including Healthcare, Solicitor practices, Charities and Pension Schemes.

Our professional accounting excellence and commitment to our clients have firmly established us as one of the leading independent chartered accountancy practices in the North East. We provide excellent accounting support and services to our clients with the intent to far exceed the traditional account preparation services. And also endeavour to get very close to our clients to assist them in developing their business internal systems and controls which will help their business develop and grow in the fiercely competitive business world.

Medical Specialist

Accountants at Flannagans offer medical professionals advice and guidance that is tailored to the unique environment in which healthcare industry workers live. They can help you make the most professionally…


We offer a wide range of service to Charities including Gift Aid declarations, Donations and Grant Funding. We aim to understand your specific needs and help to overcome any obstacles you may face.

Retail and Wholesale

The retail sector has always been one of the most competitive business environments to operate in, but with the rapid growth of direct marketing, telephone sales, Internet trading, and overseas competition…

Construction and Property

Buying, investing, renting or building a property is a complex business and with it comes complex tax issues. Although it is possible to navigate and understand the property and construction tax but if you get that wrong, this can become a minefield.

IT Sector

We have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with accounts for IT Contractors and IT Companies. We understand the complexity of the business with customers across the globe and multi-national IT Supply chains.


In addition to our core services of accountancy, taxation and payroll, We at ‘Flannagans’ also provide you our accounting services for manufacturing sector. Where our knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing sector allows us to understand your specific requirement based on your business situation.

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