Business Support Service

Flannagans Business Support Service

Planning plays crucial role in every Business. It helps gauge income and expenditure, handles unforeseen circumstances and underpins good business decisions considering the need we provide consultancy for an on-going or a project basis. We can make a substantial difference to your corporate strategies and business prospects. We provide a proactive tailor made service to suit your needs. Our consultancy covers Non-executive roles, Due diligence on potential acquisition targets, Post-acquisition integration, Rationalising your manufacturing base, Operational efficiencies, Product costing.

Our business support to you far exceeds the traditional accounting services. We strive to get very close to our clients to assist them in developing internal systems and controls which will help business development and also to grow in the fiercely competitive business world.

Our experienced business support accounting professionals deal with the broad spectrum of clients and industrial specialists who have held senior project and change-management roles in industry.

We do provide our business accounting consultancy services on an on-going or on a project basis. Our target is to make a substantial difference to your business strategies and its prospects as we are proud to offer you our proactive tailor made service to suit your needs.

We have our Business accounting consultancy in following Business support areas: 

  • Non-executive roles
  •  Due diligence on potential acquisition targets
  •  Post-acquisition integration
  •  Rationalising your manufacturing base
  •  Operational efficiencies
  •  Product costings

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