Retail and Wholesale

The retail sector has always been one of the most competitive business environments to operate in, but with the rapid growth of direct marketing, telephone sales, Internet trading, and overseas competition, more than ever retailers need sound financial advice and the accounting support of professionals who can help them maintain their market share.

Our retail accounting service expertise will assist you in every area of this sector that your business might need. We have expertise to develop your business including strategic advice on supply chain management, payroll and financial management. We can help you avoid potential pitfalls that those who do not seek professional retail accounting advice can fall foul to. Employment compliance is an extremely complex area and our expert team can ensure you are adhering to all regulations and can advise you on HR matters, disciplinary proceedings, pensions and much more. We have experience of working with retail businesses of all sizes. We focus on developing strong industry links, enabling them to deliver real solutions to retail clients.

We can help you maximise your profitability through improvements in your stock control, purchase re-ordering, and reconciliation procedures, and where appropriate advice on the installation of computerised systems.

Perhaps the biggest bane of a retailer’s life is the stringent demands of the VAT regime. We can relieve you of a lot of unnecessary time and expense by advising on the most appropriate scheme, and handling your VAT planning and administration.

The increasingly challenging and competitive business environment of retail requires strong accountancy skills and we offer our expert retail accounting services to retail and wholesale clients who trust us to manage their affairs. We work with small, single trader operations and partnership businesses, offering accounting and business advisory skills. Our accounting services include;

  • Assist in the administration of the VAT scheme relevant to your business
  • Basic bookkeeping through to finding investment funding
  • Exit and succession planning
  • Wealth planning
  • Payroll
  • Advice on merger and acquisitions
  • Funding advice to develop the business

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